The Mother Stays


«Hero in the sun, with a flame in his hand, and a shadow of Queen of Monsters»

Hero: Er…hello? <Hero> to Warlic, <Hero> to Warlic, come in!

Warlic's Voice: Yes, you're coming in loud and clear. No need to repeat. What's the matter?

Hero: Yeah, about that "whatever is causing all this trouble"? I'm pretty sure I found out!

Warlic's Voice: I can feel you're close to the source of whatever's draining the sun's energy! What is it? Tell me!

Hero: It's…the Queen of Monsters! (In hindsight, that seems pretty obvious…)

Warlic's Voice: That is impossible. She's still in Lore. I can sense her presence as I speak!

Hero: Well, she does look a little….transparent. I guess she pulled out the same trick we did and got her soul here.

Warlic's Voice: It must be a fragment of her spirit; her presence here is still too strong.

Hero: I don't think I can fight it…. CAN souls fight each other? I've never tried.

Warlic's Voice: Not this way. You must trap her here and give the sun power to come back.
Warlic's Voice: I can link her prison to the sun's core, so that stronger the sun shines, the stronger is the prison surrounding her soul fragment.

Hero: But… how would you reignite the sun AND keep a fragment of the Mother's soul?
Hero: We only have enough for one of those!

«Hero then gets the option between: Good: Give your strength to the Sun, I'll stay and keep here here whatever the cost! and Evil: Just lock her up, I can take a little cold! However both choices lead to the same direct outcome»

Warlic's Voice: I think I have a solution. I have enough power to trap her forever. But that would require all of my power.

Hero: Warlic… you can't! You would create so much mana, you'd destroy Lore!

Warlic's Voice: True, but there is someone else with roughly the same strength as I have!

«Scene changes to Cysero»

Cysero: Eh? Did'ja need something?

Hero: That sounds a lot more dangerous, but I trust your judgement!

«The spell is casted upon the soul of the Queen of Monsters»

Hero: Mmmmm, giant peppermint prison-bubble! Not so tough from this angle.

Mother's Fragment: Trapping a… fragment…does…n…nothing….. My power is supreme…Me and my beasties….willreach…every corner….of this universe…

Hero: I'd love to chit-chat, but I have to dump this…..flaming hardboiled egg…inside the sun!

«Scene changes to Hero dropping the flame into the sun»

Hero: WOAH! Looks like the Sun's energy is returning!

Warlic's Voice: Then what are you waiting for? GET OUT OF THERE!

Hero: But… I thought my soul was safe from heat.

Warlic's Voice: Yes, THIS heat, but what's coming might burn your soul and the psychic link all the way to your body!


«Hero runs off. Scene changes to the portal in the time-space plane, Hero enters the portal. Scene changes to Warlic, screen flashes as the Hero arrives, then the floor shakes»

Hero: Ow…by Zeuster's tailfeather… I feel like my spirit's on the wrong side of my body…
Hero: … And why do I smell like applesauce?….Is Cysero ok?

Warlic: Oh, he'll be alright. He's just not used to working with straight Mana. I dare say he might be completely drained… for now.

Cysero: Wha'…wha'cha talking abou'….I'm tooottaly fine….I don't need…the six of you…worrying about lil' old me…

Hero: With a fragment of the Queen's soul… I worry just what kind of damage it could do trapped inside the sun.
Hero: But the fact Cysero could do that at all says a lot about how powerful he really is. It's a good thing he is on our side!

Warlic: And even that is a little troublesome sometimes…

«Scene changes to a clear sky with a fine sun»

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