The Most Brutal Victory


«Scene: BrutalCorn flying through the air with his unicorn horn spear in his hand.»

«Screen zooms out showing BrutalCorn in the air and Hero standing to the right.»
«BrutalCorn slams into the wall and lands on the ground.»
«BrutalCorn's weapon flies to the ground near Hero.»

«Hero picks up BrutalCorn's spear and stabs one of the eyes on The Wheel of Doom.»

«Screen moves to Hero.»


«Screen zooms out showing BrutalCorn buried under candy and Hero standing to the right.»

Hero: And the most BRUTAL defeat!

«Screen fades.»
«Screen fades in showing Galanoth,Hero,Cysero holding a paddle, Thyton, a rock with a disquise, Memet, Mido, Daimyo in armor, the women behind the desk wearing pactagonal armor, Alina, Nythera, Artix, and Beleen wearing party hats in the lobby.»

Hero: … De-hoof? …I HERD you like LOSING!!!…
Hero: Man, this whole pun thing is NOT as easy as it looks.

Alina: It's not a com-pun-tition, <hero>! You've got a great start!

Hero: Something about sounding pretty hoarse? Yeah, that's it!

«Screen goes yellow only showing Hero and Artix.»
«Hero and Artix HIGH-FIVE!»


«Screen shows everyone in the lobby again.»

Artix: <hero>, you are one of the bravest, funniest, most amazing Heroes we know!

Alina: We can't thank you enough for saving the Lab!

Artix: We really could not make our games without you.
Artix: AQWorlds' 5th birthday is REALLY a party to honor YOU!

«Screen fades out.»
«Screen fades in showing Memet standing in The Room of Gloom with candy all over the floor.»

Memet: Gee, I wonder where my new friend went!
Memet: He WAS under all that candy. Oh, well!
Memet: It was sweet of him to stop by for the birthday!

«Screen fades out.»
«Screen fades in showing AE Ninjas vs BrutalCorn: 1 - 0 FATAL BRUTALITY?! on screen.»

AE Ninjas vs BrutalCorn: 1 - 0 FATAL BRUTALITY?!

«Scene ends.»

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