The Moment of Truth


«Scene: Solani, the Hero (in the foreground) and Constantin in the crypt»

Constantin: This isn't your fight, <Hero>!
Constantin: For the last time… get out of my way!

«Scene shifts to show the Hero facing off against Constantin (in the foreground)»

Hero: I'm sorry… but I can't let you do this.

«A flash of red distracts Constantin»

«Scene shifts to Safiria in her ritual circle»

Safiria: It's… working!

«Safiria smiles as she begins in materialize in Lore»

Safiria: Hold him off! Just a few moments more, and it will be complete.

«Constantin is alarmed, as shown by the exclamation points that have appeared above his head»

«Constantin lunges at Safiria, and lands on an empty ritual circle»

Solani: Safiria! NO!

«Safiria's colors return as she materializes on Lore»

Safiria: You're too late, Constantin. The ritual has already finished.

«Safiria smiles»

«Scene: Constantin prepares to attack Safiria»

Constantin: Not for long.

«Solani gets in-between Constantin and Safiria»

Solani: STOP!

«Scene: Split screen - Constantin on the left, Solani in the center, and Safiria on the right»

Solani: Killing each other won't make things better!
Solani: The world is a more dangerous place than it was when you left it.
Solani: We will need your strength and ferocity on our side if we are to survive it.

«Solani looks at Constantin»

Solani: You know the same is true of her.

«Screen flashes white»

«Split screen - Constantin on the left and Safiria on the right»

Safiria: You'd better be right.
Safiria: If he crosses me, I will hold you responsible.

«Scene: Constantin with Solani»

Constantin: I fear we will both live to regret this.
Constantin: I hope we do not.

«Scene fades»

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