The... Moglins?


«Scene: Shrade kneels in defeat in front of the campers and the Bride.»

Hero: Alright. Looks like we have ONE MORE MASK to remove.
Hero: (Because I know you're not REALLY an immortal half-fish.)

«Cysero takes Shrade's mask and holds it in the air.»

Cysero: A-HA! …Huh?

«Behind the mask was… a familiar skeletal moglin.»

Cysero/Memet/Voltaire/Hero: MORT?!?

Bride: NOOOOO!

Hero: But… HOW?
Hero: I mean PHYISCALLY, how? You're so tiny.

«Out of Mort's jacket pops out another skeletal moglin.»

Swaggy: Hi!

Hero: Ok, that's it. I'm done.

Aurelio Voltaire: I guess NONE of us were right about Shrade's origin story!

Cysero: This is probably the best version of it, though.

Memet: It's definitely my favorite!

«The Bride approaches the moglins.»

Bride: I can't believe the long lost love of my life is… a couple of MOGLINS playing a practical joke.

Hero: Yeah, I don't think they can make you immortal.

«Swaggy sticks out a thumb.»

Swaggy: Undead, undead, undead, baby!

Bride: Ugh.
Bride: I'm going home.

Hero: Nope, pretty sure YOU'RE going to the Swordhaven dungeon.
Hero: I, on the other hand… am going to go make some s'mores.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: A scan of the the forest near Camp Gonnagetcha.»

Aurelio Voltaire: I do still have those marshmallows!

Cysero: I have something I made that's sort of like graham crackers.

Memet: I have something I made that's sort of like chocolate!

Hero: That's disgusting.

«In the dense fog is a silhouette… It's Shrade.»

Shrade: …This summer… I'll be back.

«Fade out to black.»

And that one dies first.

«Scene fades»

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