The Midnight Sun


«Scene: Hero and Lae standing on Screen 1 of Trygve»

Hero: I heard rumors about a young girl on her deathbed.
Hero: She stared up at the ceiling like someone was there.
Hero: The people around the girl heard her half of the conversation.
Hero: She was begging not to be taken away, that she was scared and didn't want to go.
Hero: Word spread, and some are saying she was possessed.
Hero: Others are saying there's some malevolent entity going around stealing the souls of children.
Hero: What I expected when I arrived here…

«Hero looks around»

Hero: Well, it wasn't this.
Hero: Considering the circumstances, I would've thought there'd be more gloom.
Hero: Hmm…

???: Awfully pessimistic, aren't we?
???: Not every remote village or tall dark stranger needs to be hiding a horrible secret.

Hero: I thought you weren't from this town either.

???: That's why you approached me?
???: And here I thought it was because I looked like a nice face.
???: But you're right. I'm a visitor from quite far away.

Lae: Call me Lae.
Lae: This may not be my hometown, but a good number of my brethren lived here, died, and were reborn.
Lae: You see, I —

Hero: Hold up!
Hero: That's insanely suspicious!
Hero: Do you have something to do with the possession?

Lae: Loving the enthusiasm but this is clearly a misunderstanding.
Lae: You know how rumors are. They get twisted the longer they're passed around.
Lae: Before we get into a brawl on top of a child's grave, hear me out.
Lae: I am Hollowborn and this young lady could have been too.
Lae: Her possession case was actually a trial of sorts.
Lae: A test of her character.
Lae: If you won't believe me at face value, the humble townsfolk would be more than happy to clear the confusion.

Hero: How do I know you don't have an ulterior motive?

Lae: Cross my heart, I'm not doing anything sneaky behind your back.
Lae: Hack a finger off if I do.

Hero: Ew… I don't want that.

Lae: Then there's no need to worry, <Hero>.
Lae: That being said, check out trouble in paradise camping by the gate.
Lae: By the looks of it, shining knights in armor riding on white horses.
Lae: They're not making trouble but they aren't trying to look less menacing either.
Lae: But, if I was trapped in a castle and saw them riding towards me, I'd duck under the dragon.

Hero: Interesting word choice there…

Lae: Take care while you're satisfying your curiosity.

«Hero starts running towards the gate»
«Scene fades»

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