The Marching Nightmare


«Scene: Suki and Darkon»

Darkon: S-Suki? Is that you?

«Camera moves over to the right»

Darkon: It hurts…
Darkon: It's so dark…

«Camera focuses on Suki»

Suki: Darkon! It's me! I'll get you out of there!

Darkon: This…it's all your fault…

Suki: What!?

«Camera focuses on Darkon»

Darkon: My family…my kingdom…you turned them all against me.

Suki: No! I would never do that!

«Darkon gets attacked»

Darkon: I should have never trusted an Outsider.
Darkon: You don't belong here.
Darkon: And you never will.

«Darkon gets attacked»

Suki: NO!

«Suki goes up to Darkon»

«Scene: White Screen»

Darkon: Suki!

«Scene: Darkon holding Suki's hand, who is laying on the bed»

Darkon: Suki! What's wrong?

Suki: I'm sorry, I…It was a nightmare.
Suki: What are you doing here so late?

Darkon: You said you weren't feeling well. I came to visit as soon as Father had fallen asleep.
Darkon: Then, I heard your voice calling out to me.
Darkon: Was it because of the nightmare?

«Suki closes eyes»


Darkon: You can always share your worries with me. I would never turn you away.

Suki: Maybe you should. Maybe I make you look worse just by being near you.

«Suki opens eyes»

Suki: The Astravians need a ruler that can help them. They need to trust you for that to happen.
Suki: I know they'll never trust me.

«Darkon nods and closes eyes»

Darkon: …I've been meaning to talk to you about this.
Darkon: You put your heart and soul into aiding the Astravians.

«Darkon opens eyes»

Darkon: Astravia could not have a better Queen.
Darkon: I was planning to give up the crown. I never wanted to be King.
Darkon: My only love was music, until I met you.
Darkon: Our home would flourish if we had a Queen that understood the needs of the people.
Darkon: In the end, I'm the issue. I was raised pampered and spoiled.
Darkon: It would take a lifetime for me to become a proper leader.

«Darkon nods and closes eyes»

Darkon: But Astravians need a fit leader as soon as possible.
Darkon: The person will either be you, or someone elected by the Astravians themselves.
Darkon: No matter what happens, I plan to spend the rest of my life with you.

Suki: You're thinking of abolishing the monarchy! That's a huge decision.

«Darkon opens his eyes»

Suki: I don't think I'm fit to be Queen. But you can't abandon the people to scramble for a new leader.
Suki: Even if I want to be selfish and keep you all to myself.
Suki: If you want to leave the throne, we should stick around to make sure the Astravians can stand on their own.
Suki: After that, the sky's the limit! I could show you what the ocean looks like.

«Darkon stands up»

Darkon: I can't wait for the sun to rise. I'll tell father he needs to accept you as family, or have no heir.
Darkon: Once I take the throne, it will grant me the official power to dismantle the monarchy.

«Camera moves up slightly»

«Scene: Dark Screen»

Suki: I'll be with you every step of the way. No matter what.

«Scene: Drago»

Drago: No country could hope to match Astravia's knowledge and innovation.
Drago: For our Kingdom was built on the blessings of a deity from the stars.
Drago: Blessings, huh?

«Scene zoomed out»

Drago: That's one way to look at it.

«Scene fades»

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