The Manticore Falls


«Scene fades in showing the Chaos Manticore falling.»

Hero: Well, that takes care of another chaos b…

«A Chaos tentacle appears and grabs hold around the Hero's neck.»

Hero: *urk

«Scene changes showing Lionfang lifting the Hero off the ground.»

Lionfang: I knew that you had sided with Evil, but this is beyond evil.
Lionfang: I raised that animal from a cub. You would destroy such a magnificent lion just to hurt me?

Hero: That…. was no…. lion.
Hero: Your power…chaorrupted it…

«Scene zooms in on the Hero, flashing black once.»

Hero: You… were the one… who ruined….

«Scene flashes black twice, then zooms out.»

Lionfang: I had planned on waiting until I destroyed Drakath to destroy you…
Lionfang: …but you just got bumped up the list.

«Lionfang begins charging a chaotic attack just as an arrow appears and pierces through the tentacle holding up the Hero.»

Lionfang: AH! What?

«The scene flashes, showing Sir Valence, then flashing back to the Hero, who throws the Vial of Tears.»

Lionfang: What's this?

Hero: Now, Valence. Shoot the vial!

«Scene shifts, showing Sir Valence shooting an arrow at the vial, only for Lionfang to stop it with his chaos powers.»

Lionfang: This is…
Lionfang: Yes, I can see it in your mind <Hero>.
Lionfang: This vial contains the TRUE Tears of the Mother.
Lionfang: Drakath would have destroyed me when I attacked with with the fake Tears.

«Scene flashes, zooming in on Lionfang.»

Lionfang: You have just saved my life.
Lionfang: My honor demands that I spare yours for now. A Life for a life.
Lionfang: But be warned, the next time we meet I will crush you and all other Evil that dares cross my path.

«Scene moves left, bringing Lionfang to his fallen Manticore.»

Lionfang: Farewell, my loyal pet.
Lionfang: You will pay for this, villain!

«Lionfang teleports away, following the screen flashing to show The Hero and Sir Valence in front of the Manticore.»

Sir Valence: Your plan seems to be working.

Hero: Let's just hope that wherever he goes to face Drakath…
Hero: …that tracking rune I cast on the Tears will let me follow.
Hero: The next time I meet Chaos Lord Lionfang, will be the last.
Hero: Only one of us will walk away.

«Scene ends, fading out to black.»

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