The Manifestation


«De'ther Tombs is seen»

After traveling through the fabric of space, the dread Void Dragon Jir'abin reached the world of Lore.
His minions attacked the planet as he harvested the Chaotic Presence necessary to finally return to full strength.

«Shades appear»

Before the heroes of Lore could attack in force, Jir'abin left their world…

«A silhouetted figure covered in smoke is seen»

And returned to the planetary system of Za'nar.

«Silhoutted figure falls»

The power and the Presence he required was his at last, and now…
It was time to seek vengeance on the Magi of Za'nar. Retribution for the theft so long ago.

«A silhoutted dragon appears on top of the silhoutted figure»

Never again would his power be stolen to save these pitiful Magi!

«Silhoutted dragon attacks another silhoutted figure, then scene changes to Hero, Warlic, and Zail's team on Runed Woods»

Hero: While I was… recovering… Daz! You mentioned something - a… Ring… of Light? - that would help us create a shield Lore.

Daz: Yeah! It'd help us fight Jir'abin, and we could use it to set up a Planar shield so he can't threaten your world again.

Warlic: Zail tells me of a tome, the "Relic of Light," which would lead us to the Ring. To find it, though…

Klyde: We'll have to search for it back in Za'nar! It won't be on THIS world!

Sael: If Daz is correct with his hunch, the Tomb of De'ther, the Magi who invented shielding for Za'nar, is where we should start.

Zail: On the planet Walsh. The Tomb is a tourist trap, but if Jir'abin knows our plans it may be overrun with his monsters!

Fae: If it's there, I'm sure one of us will be able to sense it!

Hero: Then there's no question about our next move. Jir'abin's left. We need to make sure he NEVER returns!

«Scene fades»

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