The Mana Cannon



Zereldo: Thank you for coming, <Hero>. It's great to meet you in person. A lot of my crew were from Arcangrove and remembered how you stopped the CHaos Lord there.
Zereldo: When we heard that the legendary pirate Blazebeard had returned, everyone in my crew suggested that I ask you for help.

Hero: It's what I do. Plus how could I pass up the opportunity to sail around with a real pirate on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Zereldo: If you wanted a genuine pirate experience you've come to the wrong place. I'm actually a pirate mage these days.
Zereldo: I used to be a battle mage, but you learn to adapt after being shipwrecked and forced to travel between islands while fighting for your life.

Hero: …Do I still get to sail on a pirate ship?

Zereldo: If we do it won't be on my pirate mage ship. It's not fully grown yet.

Hero: Fully grown? That raises so many questions!
Hero: I mean growing a ship?!?! Actually… what kind of pirate doesn't have a ship?

Zereldo: Pirate-MAGEI actually.
Zereldo: And trust me, if I had time I would explain everything about being a pirate mage to you.
Zereldo: But for now we need to focus on Blazebeard, the Dread Pirate of Drakonus! He is the reason I called you after all.

Hero: What can you tell me about him, then?

Zereldo: Blazebeard is the most dangerous pirate to have ever sailed Lore's seas. If you haven't heard of him that's not unusual.
Zereldo: He's widely known on Drakonus as the Dread Pirate of Drakonus. Only the most experienced sailors from the other continent have ever heard of him.
Zereldo: If his reputation doesn't give you enough reason to worry then you should also know that he and I have history.

Years ago I had just finished my studies at the Arcangrove tower and was leading an expedition to conduct magical research.
Out of nowhere Blazebeard appeared and stole some magical supplies from me in a raid on my ship.
He sent me and my remaining crew plunging into a storm. I was the only survivor of the shipwreck… That was the last anyone ever heard of him. I assumed he died.
What I didn't realize was that he'd been tinkering with my magical research in secret.

Hero: Are you telling me he has some sort of magical super weapon?!?!?

Zereldo: Yes… one of my own design… A mana cannon!
Zereldo: It fires out blasts of unstable mana energy capable of mass destruction.
Zereldo: Rumor has it he plans to use it to lay siege on all the coastal cities he can get close to.
Zereldo: From there he'll start a conquest on dry land and take over the world destroying everyone who stands against him.

Hero: And we're supposed to stop a weapon like that? He'll blast us with it before we can even get close!

Zereldo: Not if we fire a bigger one at him first.

Hero: You're kidding?… right?

Zereldo: Not at all!

In the years since he took those supplies I've refined my research.
I can make a bigger more powerful mana cannon AND charge it with elemental power

Zereldo: After I designed the original mana cannon I discovered a magical metal called Elementium.
Zereldo: t's a metal that conducts and holds charges of elemental energy. All we need to do is modify a mana cannon to handle the load…
Zereldo: Then charge an elementium cannon ball with elemental energy and we're ready.
Zereldo: We'll be firing off artillery sized spells. A single elementium cannon ball from my elemental mana cannon will be all we need to completely destroy his ship.

Hero: So I just have to help you build the cannon, find a ship, and journey with you in case something goes wrong?

Zereldo: Exactly! There might even be some rewards for you on the way.

Hero: Alright, I'm in!

«Scene fades»

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