The Lords of Doom



«Mysterious Stranger in the place he appeared from the portal, though now the place is red»

Mysterious Stranger: Yes…that's the way it should be.
Mysterious Stranger: But how much longer can these heroes keep it up?
Mysterious Stranger: And more importantly…

«Mysterious Stranger summons shadows»

Mysterious Strangers: …how will <Hero> deal with this?

«Shadow Xan is also summoned»


«Shadow Maximillian Lionfang is also summoned»

Maximillian Lionfang: Hmph.

«Shadow Sepulchure is also summoned»


«Shadow Zorbak is also summoned»

Zorbak: Meh.

«Shadow Xan, Shadow Drakonnan, Shadow Lionfang, Shadow Safiria, Shadow Sepulchure and Shadow Zorbak are seen around Mysterious Stranger»

Mysterious Stranger: Perfect.
Mysterious Stranger: Xan, Drakonnan…even the Queen of Vampires herself.
Myserious Stranger: It will be interesting to see how <Hero> handles my creations…this time.

«Shadow Vayle is also summoned»

Mysterious Stranger: Vayle, my little shadow lady.
Mysterious Stranger: Would you mind greeting <Hero> for us?

Shadow Vayle: …It would be my pleasure.

«Scene changes to Voltaire, Hero and Deady somewhere near the Coliseum»

Hero: That's strange. I thought there'd be more monsters than that.

Voltaire: Something's not right…

Deady: Didn't the book say something about shadows and Friday the 13th?

«Voltaire opens the Necronomicon and reads»

Voltaire: Ghouls… Luck… Rabbits… Here we go. Shadows!

«Shadow Vayle arrives at the group»

Deady: !!! Too late.

«Shadow Vayle attacks and group dodges»

Hero: Vayle?!
Hero: YOU'RE behind all of this?!

Shadow Vayle: Does it matter?
Shadow Vayle: You'll be dust before the day is out.

Hero: Not if I can help it!

«Scene fades»

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