The Long Road Home


«Scene: So talking to Darkon, while Ti is standing behind Darkon - Re, Fa and Mi playing in the background»

So: La has abandoned us, my liege. She attacked General Ti for no reason and ruined years of planning.
So: Because of her, the Dragon is aiding Drago as we speak. If nothing is done, they will discover our intentions.
So: To be betrayed by a servant who once stood by you for decades, I will not stand for it!
So: Allow me to bring you her head.

Ti: Enough!
Ti: You speak intentionally. To upset our. Liege.
Ti: Such insolence. Speaking to Darkon. With this face.

Darkon: So, I don't see this facet of you often.
Darkon: It's a treat but don't you think your methodical persona is more suited to this conversation?

So: The outburst of that personality was unwarranted, and chose words specifically to cause you anger. Forgive my behavior.
So: May I ask why you remain calm? The Scale is meant to follow your composition down to each individual note.
So: Based on her actions, La has harbored her own agenda for quite some time now.

Darkon: La has never been my servant.
Darkon: Alongside Ti and Re, she has been my dear friend since the days when the sky was still blue.
Darkon: Ti, would you tell me why you think La has decided to follow her own plan?

Ti: La has always. Held your best. Interest at hear.
Ti: To see her. Behave this way. It wounds me terribly.
Ti: However. When we fought. She pulled punches. Only meant to Save that Dragon. Not to hurt me.
Ti: Whatever she is. Planning. It must be. To help you.

Darkon: And to help everyone. La has always performed as the greatest of the Astravian Knights.
Darkon: A thankless role no one could do better.
Darkon: I wish we could take the same path as her, but crimes should never go unpunished.
Darkon: She forgets that standing by and doing nothing is as grave of a sin as thrusting the knife yourself.

«Close up on Re, Fa and Mi»

Re: La told me about all the places I'd like in town. I've been waiting to take you both on a tour after we clock out!

Mi: Me too? Not just you and Fa?
Mi: I'd love to go but all I'd do is get you attacked.

Fa: Whatever.
Fa: See the horn? I manage that just fine on my own.

Re: Duh, that's why you'll be with me.
Re: I'll never let them get anywhere near you.

«Back to Ti, Darkon and So»

Darkon: A world where all is forgiven, where the stars shine down and accept you as who you are…
Darkon: That world does not yet exist.

So: What are your orders, my liege?

Darkon: <Hero> isn't actually helping Drago, is she? So, she is not the threat you think her to be.
Darkon: Knowing the type of man Drago is, <Hero> is likely being coerced or threatened.
Darkon: This is on me. I'll go rescue her.

Ti: Darkon? I mean! My liege! Will you be…

Darkon: I've thought about what I wanted to say to Drago for ages.
Darkon: I've thought about it longer than I got to live in Astravia.
Darkon: Tell Re and the others to get ready. It's time to go home.

«Scene fades»

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