The Living Island


«Scene: Malgor and Xing in a Cave right in front of a Spiderweb»

Xing: The Chaos Amulet… how cool is that?
Xing: I wish I could see Drakath's face… well, I guess I will, won't I?
Xing: The next time I see him, I'll be the one wielding the power of the Amulet!

Malgor: Will you, now?

Xing: …WON'T I?

«Scene: Close up on Malgor»

Malgor: Xing, I just watched you betray your old master. Why would I trust you with something as powerful as this?

«Scene: Malgor and Xing facing each other»

Xing: Well. Because. Because I.
Xing: Okay. I guess you have a point.
Xing: But new boss, how can I prove myself to you?

Malgor: You can start by not insisting on vast amounts of power.

Xing: Hmph.

«Scene: Close up on Gar»

Gar: That's right. He's going to give it to someone who has proven their loyalty.

Malgor: No, Gar. You're not getting it, either.

«Scene: Gar takes a fight stance»

Gar: What? But why??

«Scene: Malgor, Xing and Gar standing next to a spiderweb»

Malgor: Because you have repeatedly failed me, Gar. You're so incompetent, I doubt you're even listed on the Wiki.

Gar: What?

Malgor: No one knows who you ARE, Gar. And what's more, I've already chosen someone to be my bringer of Chaos.

Gar: You have? But… who??

«Scene: Drakath and the Hero in Crownsreach's Throne Room»

Drakath: I can't believe Xing betrayed me. She will regret this.
Drakath: For now, though, we must focus on recovering the amulet.

Hero: It should be pretty obvious once it comes into play. Just look for the purple tentacles…

«Scene: Teja appears on the screen»

Teja: I've already been seeing' them.

Hero: Teja!

Teja: It be good ta see ya, <Hero>. I was on me way here ta tell ya.

«Scene: In middle of the sea with the Laguna Island in the background»

Teja: I saw an island appear from out of nowhere. It looked t' be alive… made of snakin' tendrils an' eyes.

«Scene: Drakath and Hero facing Teja on Screen 6 of Crownsreach»

Teja: I knew I had to find ya. You will know how to deal with this monstrosity.

Drakath: Do you have a way to get us out there?

Teja: Aye. Ya can be takin' my ship.
Teja: But we best be hurryin'.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close up on the Laguna Island»

Teja: This livin' island was already startin' ta grow when we left… and ta move toward the shore.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Blacked out Captain Laguna on Screen 7 of Laguna Beach»

Captain Laguna: No longer will I be confined to the watery depths.

«Scene: Captain Laguna explodes in a purple glow revealing his looks and The Chaos Amulet around his neck»

Captain Laguna: With this amulet's power, I will be the master of the land AND the sea!

«Scene fades»

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