The Legacy Lives On


«Scene: J6 (Super6) stands in front of the defeated thug boss»

Boss: Please… please… don't kill me!
Boss: Please spare my life!

«J6 nods»

«The thug boss stands up»

Boss: Hmph.

«The thug boss pulls out a gun and shoots J6»

«J6 lies on the ground»

Boss: HAAHAAHAAA!!!! Seeya, bub!

«The thug boss tries to leave, but J6 gets up from the ground and grabs him.»

«J6 removes his helmet and puts it on the thug boss's head»

Boss: Wh-what?!

«Scene fades to white»

«J6, now controlling the thug boss, stands over the dead body of his creator»

J6: Tyrone McAllister… you may be gone, but your legacy will live on forever….

«Scene fades»

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