The Last Piece Of Her Soul


«Scene: Loremaster Anka and Hero near the Queen of Monsters»

Loremaster Anka: Yes, yes! Look how she is reacting to the stone!
Loremaster Anka: Well, will you look at that?

Hero: What… is it?

Loremaster Anka: It's the artifact we seek… the petrified hear of the Queen of Monsters.
Loremaster Anka: The last piece of her soul.

Drakath: So this is what you were after.

Loremaster Anka: Drakath!
Hero: Drakath!

Hero: What are you doing here?

Drakath: Well, it was clear I couldn't trust Xing and Xang to stop you from this lunacy.
Drakath: So I had no other choice but to handle it myself.
Drakath: *sigh*
Drakath: <Hero>, how can you allow this? Can't you see what she's doing?

Loremaster Anka: Why, Drakath… I'm only trying to learn the truth.

«Loremaster Anka grabs the Queen of Monster's heart»

Drakath: NO!

Loremaster Anka: Oh!
Loremaster Anka: AUGH!

Hero: Whoa!

Loremaster Anka: It's all of her rage… all of her pain. It's been trapped in there all this time.
Loremaster Anka: And when we touched her heart, we set it free.

Drakath: What did I say, <Hero>?
Drakath: Nothing that comes from the Queen of Monsters can be trusted.

Loremaster Anka: No, no… it's okay. We just have to let her see that we're worthy of what she has to show us.

Hero: And how do we do that?

Loremaster Anka: How else? We fight.

«Scene fades»

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