The Last Betrayal


«Scene: La is knocked back and the Hero jumps in to attack, but La shoots the Hero with a beam knocking the Hero backwards»

«Close up on La»

La: What are you doing? Weakened like that, but still not striking to kill.

«La aims her laser at the Hero, who is lying on the ground»

La: You *cough* do me a service I don't deserve.
La: I…

«La lends the Hero her hand and helps them up»

La: Let's get you standing.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero and La standing up talking to each other»

La: You remind me of the first Outsider to ever best me.
La: Maybe that's why the Scale has warmed kindly to you.
La: A shame that Darkon's vision has clouded so much.
La: We really could have been family.

Hero: Then what was the point of all of this?

La: I failed <Hero>.
La: Even if I wanted to get rid of you, there's no way I can stop him on my own.
La: You're the only Entity that can.

Hero: Don't lump me in with those creepy things.
Hero: Besides, my skull was already cracking open on its own before we fought.
Hero: You think I can take him down like this?

La: It can't be from me but, you could always ask for help if anyone is willing.

«Darkon runs past La, grabbing the Hero by the neck and holding them over the edge»

Darkon: I find that you'll be very unlikely to receive aid where you're going.
Darkon: Unless, you decide to change your mind.
Darkon: Will you continue to oppose me?

Hero: There's no point lying to you.

Darkon: Then fall.

«Darkon opens his hand and the Hero falls down into the unknown»

La: <Hero>!

Darkon: They'll survive, La.
Darkon: I could have snapped their neck right then and there, but I did not.
Darkon: That is out of my respect for you.
Darkon: But once they experience the desperation I have-
Darkon: -they'll be begging for my good attention.
Darkon: Do you regret this outcome?

La: The only regret I have is not being able to save you. Both of you.

Darkon: I don't need to be saved, and this didn't have to happen.

La: You know me, Darkon.
La: I prefer to die standing.
La: I won't live the rest of my life kneeling to what you've become.

Darkon: Thank you, La. For your loyalty to me and my beloved.

La: May you finally find your happiness.

«Darkon puts his hand on La's shoulder and La turns into a green glowing shield, which then turns black»

Darkon: Til we meet again.

«Scene fades»

Darkon:And with that, Judgement has been passed.

«Scene: Darkon standing in front of a huge red circle»

Darkon: The light is peeking over the mountains. Morning is near.

«Scene fades»

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