The King's Intentions


«Time stamp»
Friday the 13th, around noon

«Hero near Fire River's metal dome reading a book upside down, turns the book upside right»

«Time stamp»
Wednesday the 11th, early evening

«Change of scene, King walking in his castle, Lieutenants in attentive stance»

King: Oriella was IMPOSSIBLE! So willful! Always wanting attention. Diversions. Balls, receptions, performances - BAH!
King: And then - THEN to LEAVE me?! To ride MY horse off into the unknown? Her impudence is AMAZING!

«King comes up to one of his Lieutenants»

King: YOU! You said there was a girl - a, a robot? A female construct, mechanical? By the river?
King: That tinker fellow built her, hmm? This is what you reported?

«Lieutenant nods»

King: Excellent! Bring him - and her - to me!
King: I'll wind her gears so tight she'll never be able to disobey me! The perfect wife…

«Time stamp»
Friday the 13th, around noon

«Change of scene, Hero, Voltaire and Deady talking to Kierk in Fire Town»

Hero: He must have told her what he required of her.
Hero: And then she -

Voltaire: She became the first member of the Robotic Liberation movement. You know what THIS means, right?

Kierk: *cries* My daughter is a rogue robot! I'll NEVER get her back!

Voltaire: No. It means if we don't want to terminate her, we're going to have to -

Hero: Rewind her. Remind her of the girl she's modeled after!
Hero: Only we'll have to get through the ballistics-firing, rage-grinding gears powering her.

Voltaire: And I think I know JUST how to do it. Where's that Unicorn-loving Crooner?
Voltaire: I hope he likes the color black. And fire. Deady, bring me my chalice.

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