The King of the Wolves


«Hero and LunarMancer confronting Gravefang»

Gravefang: <Hero>? What is this - this creature who stands beside you?

Hero: Kurok Gravefang, meet Terra Lacuna's resident LunarMancer. Currently bent on calling down the moon.

Gravefang: *sniff* *sniff* Smells like rotten meat.

LunarMancer: Gonna have to stop you RIGHT there. I smell wonderful. But YOU -

Hero: That's enough!

LunarMancer: NO. A slave to the moon has no power over ME!
LunarMancer: After we kill it, then we can finish crashing the moon onto the beach.

«LunarMancer attacks Gravefang»

LunarMancer: HERO-MONKEY, ATTACK!!!!!!!

Hero: We are SO discussing appropriate boundaries after all this is done.

LunarMancer: If you survive!

«Scene fades»

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