The Key


«Scene: the Hero jumps into the air for an attack»

Hero: What are you even fighting for?
Hero: The Queen is dead! You didn't even like her anyway!

«An insert of the Fragment of Doom appears»

Fragment Of Doom: She cannot leave! She-

Hero: She is the key. Yeah, yeah. I get it.

«The Hero lands next to Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: Father?

«Gravelyn confronts the confused Fragment of Doom»

Gravelyn: Why are you doing this?

Fragment Of Doom:

Doomblade: This part of my spirit has been damaged.
Doomblade: By the Queen… by the shadowvoid. It's been driven insane.
Doomblade: But I am more powerful.

«The Doomblade flies into the air»

Doomblade: Go. Now.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Safiria, Gravelyn, and the Hero in Shadowfall»

Safiria: So it really IS true. She's alive.
Safiria: Both of us, together in the same world. l… I can feel the imbalance.

Hero: We're going to have to get you back home. Soon.

Gravelyn: Any idea how we're going to manage that?

Safiria: Use me.
Safiria: It's how the Chronomancer did it last time. I was…
Safiria: …the key.

Hero: Yeah, I have no idea how to do that.

Safiria: You do. You just don't know it yet.
Safiria: But your innate powers will help you find the way.

Hero: Alright, I'll try. What do you need me to do?

Safiria: You've been to the mirror realm before. Picture it in your mind. Think of that place in time and let your powers pull you there.

Hero: Ok…

Safiria: Remember what my home was like. Focus on it.

Hero: Lightovia. Yeah. I remember.

«A flash of white light and Safiria grabs the Hero's hand»

Safiria:! What's happening?

«Safiria starts glowing turquoise»

Safiria: Don't let go!

«Safiria moves closer to the Hero»

Safiria: Take us there.

«A portal opens up and Safiria and the Hero are in the Mirror Realm, at Lightovia»

Safiria: We did it! I'm… home!

«The Hero looks to the right and sees Archmage Brentan and some knights»

Archmage Brentan: Alteon thought you'd be coming back here. So predictable.

Hero: Where is he? Too much of a coward to face us himself?

Archmage Brentan: He's in the timelock… and soon, our Lycan Queen will be, too!
Archmage Brentan: The Queen may be dead, but that just means there's a gap in power.
Archmage Brentan: My King intends to fill it. And Safiria is going to help him.

Safiria: But… the Vampire Queen is back! I'm not an anomaly anymore!

Archmage Brentan: Doesn't matter. You were trapped on another plane for so long, both worlds have started to destabilize.
Archmage Brentan: All we have to do is keep them out of balance.

«Scene fades»

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