The Keeper

Undead Legion Contract Archivist
So… you are interested in joining the Undead Legion? I see promise in your eyes, and darkness in your heart. But whether it is enough to be truly useful the our Master, Dage the Evil… we shall have to see. It would be wise to meet Dage the Evil before deciding to join, but if you do not wish to wait, you can begin the quests toward your goal here and now.

Undead Legion
Undead Warriors have been around for ages, known for their barbaric fighting styles and ruthless demeanors. The Undead Warrior armor can be purchased in Yulgar's Player Suggestion Shop by anyone, but only true Legion Warriors have received my summon.

The Undead Legion is proud to offer you an upgraded version of the Undead Warrior Armor… that is, if you can complete the following missions specifically picked out for your demise. Only then will you become an Undead Champion. Well… heh, maybe.

- Legion Quests
- To the King

Location: 8-Bit Battleon Town
Note: Replaced by Dage the Evil (NPC) after completing the 'Fail to the King' quest.


Thanks to Matheew.

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