The Jusgendonwifit


«Scene: Cysero stands holding his miniature drill, with Warlic and the Hero watching on»

Hero: What are you waiting for?

Cysero: It's bad luck to launch a ship without a name.

Warlic: Just get on with it.

Cysero: If you say so.
Cysero: I hereby name this vessel the "Jusgedonwifit"!

«Cysero smashes the potion against the drill. It grows, flies into the air, lands on the ground, and races offscreen to the left»

Cysero: There she goes!

Hero: What?! Where is it going?!

«Scene: Cysero, Warlic, and the Hero stand outside a giant hole in the ground»

Cysero: … Down. Duh.

Warlic: I think the hero is asking why it's going there without us inside of it.

Cysero: Well, first off… it's a SHE, not and IT.
Cysero: Secondly, you didn't mention you wanted to be inside when she took off.
Cysero: You just said build me something that can get to the center of Lore.
Cysero: Then you asked me to make it big enough to fit inside.


Cysero: So that's what I did.

Hero: So it… she… is just gone?
Hero: What do we do now?

Cysero: We chase after her, of course!

«Cysero runs off to the right»


«Cysero jumps into the hole»

«Warlic encases himself in a blue sphere of energy and floats over the hole.»

Warlic: At least it will be easy to find.

«Warlic floats into the hole»

«The Hero jumps in after him.»

«Scene fades»

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