The Jewel of the Undying


«Scene: the Hero holds out the Jewel of the Undying in the cargo hold of the Red Betty»

Hero: Is THIS what we're looking for?

Captain Rhubarb: Aye. That be th' Jewel of t'Undying.
Captain Rhubarb: It be one of t' most valuable bits o'treasure in th' hoard of "Evil Eye" Grim.
Captain Rhubarb: And… it be rumored to grant eternal life to the undead.
Captain Rhubarb: If a dracolich took hold o'this… not even a Paladin's light could kill her.

Hero: I'm starting to see why Gorograth has been chasing you around.

Captain Rhubarb: Yarr.

«Scene pans to the left and shows multiple skeletons and a giant skeleton guard, who roars»

Captain Rhubarb: What'd that grave-lubber say?

Galanoth: I think he wants the jewel!

Hero: Well, we can't let him have it! Not if it can make that dracolich freakin' IMMORTAL!

«Artix steps in front of the group»

Artix: Do not worry! I will not let him take it!
Artix: He will have to get through me, first - and I do not think he has the guts!

«Scene fades»

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