The Inverted Mirror


«Scene: Drakath holds the Inverted Mirror»

Drakath: The Inverted Mirror…
Drakath: It’s just like she said it would be! I can feel the power coursing through it…
Drakath: I have no doubt I could use this to split them apart.

«Xiang slides into frame in front of Drakath»
«Scene: Xiang behind Drakath»

Xiang: As if I would ever allow that.

«Scene: Hero and Drakath face off against Xiang»

Hero: Your sister wants to be free! You’ve been holding her hostage.

Xiang: We’re stronger together. Stronger than we ever were before. I’m doing this for both of us. She’ll see that eventually.

Hero: But-

Xiang: <Hero>, I tried to be nice. Didn’t I? I gave you guys a chance to get out of here.

«Xiang flashes red»

Xiang: Now I’m going to have to get mean.

«Scene fades»

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