The Infinity Shield


«Scene: the Hero grabs the Infinity Shield atop the Shifting Pyramid»


The Wanderer: The shield is yours now. You've done what no mortal ever has.
The Wanderer: I am honored to have been a part of this journey, and to have seen such wonders.

Hero: But surely, in all your travels, through time and space, you've seen greater?

The Wanderer: That you could not feel the power you were manipulating as you restored the obelisks says more than you know.

Hero: It was a journey I will never forget. I'm in your debt; without your aid, I would still be down there…

«With a flash of light, the Hero and the Wanderer reappear at the bottom of the pyramid»

Hero: Or… up there? That still breaks my brain a bit.

The Wanderer: Indeed, I know the feeling. Ah, there is one thing more.

I feel like jumping in

The Wanderer: I have found the Infinity Codex… very useful.
The Wanderer: And there are many more pages left to read. If you do not object, I would keep it to study.

Hero: It's yours! I don't have much time for reading these days. Anyways… back to Anubyx I go!

«Hero jumps away and reappears with Anubyx»

Anubyx: My friend, you are back, and successful! I knew you would be. I received a scroll shortly before you left from the Wanderer.

Hero: So you knew -- but then I didn't have to -- Timey-wimey twists are EVERYWHERE here.

Anubyx: Indeed. So, I believe you are as ready as you'll ever be to enter the Fourth Dimensional Pyramid.
Anubyx: But there is one thing you should know… The Wanderer also sent a section from the Infinity Codex, concerning the use of the shield.
Anubyx: Once you activate its protective barrier… it will become a permanent part of the structure.

Hero: You mean the Infinity Shield is a one-time only use permanent artifact?

Anubyx: The shield will stay in place… FOR ALL TIME.

Hero: I get it, but… that is a seriously backwards name for such an incredibly amazing object!
Hero: But hey, after what I've just traveled through, I'm used to things being shifty, backwards, inside-out and upside down.
Hero: As long as what it DOES is straightforward and reliable… I am ready for ALL the twisted dimensions that Pyramid holds!

«Scene fades»

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