The Illusion Fades



«Scene: the Hero, Hargoyle, and Voltaire stand in scene full of pointy white crystals with Krampus enveloped in black flame»

Krampus: No! NO!
Krampus: NOOOOOoooooooooooooooo!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the heroes lying on the ground in front of the Frostvale tree with a bunch of moglins around»

Chilly: Hey, look! The sleepyheads awe finawwy awake!

Blizzy: We thought you were gonna sleep through Frostval.

Hero: You're all… okay..
Hero: Everything is okay! You're not monsters anymore!

«The heroes get up»

Blizzy: Looks like someone had a little too much Mog Nog.

Hero: Very funny.

Hargoyle: Krampus is gone, too.

Chilly: Who?

Aurelio Voltaire: Krampus. The uh, monster we summoned instead of Santa Claus.

Blizzy: Uh, yeah. Nothing got summoned.

Chilly: No Santa. No nothin'.

Blizzy: So we decided to dress up Icemaster Yeti and let him play Santa, instead!

«Scene: Icemaster Yeti waves»

Hero: We probably shoulda just done that to begin with huh?

«Scene: the Heroes and the moglins in front of the Frostval tree»

Aurelio Voltaire: Yep.
Aurelio Voltaire: Lesson learned! Don't try to summon extraplanar beings unless you're 1 000/0 SURE you know what you're doing.

Hero: And probably not even then.

Chilly: But you'we gonna come back next yeaw, Wight?
Chilly: You missed most of the pawty.

Hargoyle: I hope so! I really like you guys!

Aurelio Voltaire: If we do, I'm just bringing a batch of baklava instead.

«Scene fades»

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