The Ice Hero


«Scene: Hero fighting monsters on Screen 1 of Super Death Trials»

Hero: Where are all these monsters coming from?!

«Close up on the monsters and then a close up on the Hero»

Hero: And why are they in a different art style?!

«Ice Beam flashes past the Hero»
«Monsters fall down on the ground»

Hero: Whoa!

«Arctikiller appears behind the Hero»
«Hero turns around to look at Arctikiller»

Hero: Thanks for the help! But wait…
Hero: You’re the same as those monsters that have been appearing!
Hero: Do I have to fight you too?

???: Chill! I think we are on the same side!
Arctikiller: Where am I? It seems like that portal has taken me to a different dimension!

Hero: You’re on a planet called Lore. But what portal are you talking about?

Arctikiller: I’m from planet Earth, and this guy called Super Death started making all these portals around the world and started sending these monsters through.
Arctikiller: He even used his weird Shadow powers to take control of a few of my archenemies and colleagues.
Arctikiller: I thought I saw one of my friends come through this one portal but it popped me out here with those Shadow monsters!

Hero: Those monsters have been showing up all over Lore! It seems like that Super Death guy is launching an attack on my planet!

Arctikiller: That’s going to be a problem if we can’t get back to my world. Are there any portals in this world?

Hero: They are all over! And I have just the one to get you back home!

«Scene fades»

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