The Hunt Begins



«At her throne, the Queen of Monsters is looking through a sphere at some New Year celebrators»

Queen of Monsters: Look how hopeful the people of Northpointe are about the new year.
Queen of Monsters: Hm. So. You're the one they call Goregrim the Hunter… I've heard stories of the monsters you've slain and the power you've stolen.
Queen of Monsters: You may do well. Take command of my forces. Reduce the town of Northpointe to rubble.
Queen of Monsters: Grind their hope… into fear! I want to see if you live up to those stories.

Goregrim: If I must.
Goregrim: She can't be serious.
Goregrim: She knows full well what will happen to me if I stop hunting.

Queen of Monsters: And while you're there, make sure <Hero> gets a taste of your power.

Goregrim: <Hero> might just have enough power to make this assault worthwhile.
Goregrim: The <Hero's Class> will fall to my blade.
Goregrim: If Northpointe stands between me and <Hero>… it won't stand for long.

«Scene changes to Hero at Northpointe»

Hero: Ah! It's great to see people celebrating the new year. Northpointe really IS becoming home for people.

«Gravefang and King Brentan appear in scene»

Hero: Oh no…BOTH of you are here?
Hero: …I have a bad feeling about this…

King Brentan: I'm sorry to say this <Hero>, but we've received warning of a threat against Northpointe…
King Brentan: From the Queen of Monsters. We've come with the few forces we can muster to help defend it.

Hero: Wait… how do you know it's the Queen's forces that are heading here? And - why Northpointe?

Gravelyn: My father - at least what there is of him - warned me of the Queen's plans.
Gravelyn: I'm not sure what she did to him, but part of his essence is with her… and part is in my Doomblade.
Gravelyn: So. We knew of her plans… and that should prove a useful link in the future.

King Brentan: As for Northpointe, it has become a beacon of hope to everyone. You've seen it yourself.
King Brentan: This is where so many people came to rebuild after the Queen was freed and Drakath… fell.

Hero: Well, we've got the advantage. We know they're coming. We can prepare and fend them off.

Gravelyn: You have no idea how large the army heading here is. A little bit of preparation won't be enough to hold them back.

King Brentan: The situation is dire, and we don't have the numbers to properly defend this town. But we'll do what we can and we WILL triumph.

General Khaollator: You won't stand alone. The forces of chaos will stand with you and increase your numbers. The Champion of Chaos will not let this town fall, either.

Gravelyn: And why can't the great Drakath join us, hmm? Still crying over Mommy taking over and leaving him behind?

General Khaollator: Pffft. The Champion of Chaos is too busy martialling his forces to come in person.
General Khaollator: Besides, as the leader of his army, he has faith in ME to lead the forces of Chaos into combat.

Hero: We'll take all the help we can get. Everyone start setting up barricades and preparing troops. We'll be ready for the Queen's forces.

«Scene fades»

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