The Horror of Chaos


«Evil Xang's hands are balled into fists as she stands in front of the mirror watching Drakath»

Evil Xang: You can't leave me here! How dare you! After all I've done!

Good Xing: Sister … it's ok. You're with me.

Evil Xang: Not for long! I won't be kept captive!

«Evil Xang holds the mirror.»

Evil Xang: Drakath! Are you listening to me?

«Evil Xang taps the mirror glass.»

Evil Xang: ?!

«Evil Xang taps the mirror glass faster and harder»

Evil Xang: AUGH!

«Evil Xang punches the mirror, shattering it into pieces. She then kneels down and cries. Good Xing tries to tap her but Evil Xang shrugs.»

Evil Xang: Leave me alone.

Good Xing: …

«Mirror Drakath nods.»

Mirror Drakath: This has been a disaster. We've restored the balance between realms…

«Mirror Drakath picks up a piece of the glass, revealing another beast.»

Mirror Drakath: …but another chaos beast has been raised in the process.
Mirror Drakath: We have to make this right. You've seen what they've summoned, and now you must defeat it.
Mirror Drakath: Take this with you. I can use it to communicate with you when you're back in the Lore.
Mirror Drakath: Together, we'll find a way to stop this monstrosity.

«Scene fades»

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