The Heroes, Victorious


«Scene: Dethrix, the Monster King, in a dark forest.»

Lore had long suffered under the iron fist of Dethrix…
…a tyrant so cruel he was known as the Monster King.

«Scene changes to a battle between Bladehaven soldiers and Dethrix's army.»

For years, three brave heroes fought to free Lore from his rule.

«Scene changes to show Sir Alden…»

A warrior…

«…then Lynaria…»

A healer…

«…lastly Sir Valen.»

And a dashing swordsman.

«Scene changes to Alden, who is in the middle of pummeling his enemy.»

Tirelessly, the trio battle the Monster King and his army.

«Scene changes to Lynaria, supporting Valen in battle.»

Bit by bit, they broke down his allies and his defenses.

«Scene changes to fallen soldiers of Dethrix's army.»

Until finally, the Monster King was driven from the battlefield, weak and defeated.

«Scene change: The three heroes stand side by side.»

At long last, our heroes were victorious.

«Valen relaxes.»

Valen: Stil undefeated! That tyrant never stood a chance against my sword!

Alden: Don't get cocky, Valen. He won't stay down for long.

Valen: Pfffft. That slug couldn't get back up after a fight like that if he had TWO armies. What a dinkleheim.

Alden: He's licking his wounds and rebuilding his army as we speak.

Lynaria. Yes — he'll be back soon, and even stronger than before.
Lynaria: We should take advantage of this short time of peace, and deal with another looming threat:
Lynaria: The Champion of Darkness.

Valen: But I thought Dethrix WAS the Champion of Darkness.

Lynaria: No. According to Swordhaven's Oracles, he's only claimed the title for himself.
Lynaria: And when no one stood up to contradict him… Well. The things he did were dark enough to support it.
Lynaria: They say that the real Champion is still out there.
Lynaria: And he poses an even bigger threat to Lore.

Valen: (smiling) It's a good thing we got Dinkledork out of the way, then!
Valen: If we had to fight them both at once, even MY unmatched swordsmanship might not be enough!

Alden: But how will we find him?

Lynaria: Leave that to me!
Lynaria: The Oracles have told me where he will be, and when.
Lynaria: As the Champion of Light, it's my duty to confront him and stop him.

Alden: It may be your duty, but you won't have to do it alone.
Alden: I will be by your side all the way.

Valen: We both will.

Lynaria: With the three of us working together, he won't stand a chance!

«Scene fades.»

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