The Hero is Here?


«Scene: Throne of Darkness castle»

Mysterious Figure: While you have all been telling me your pathetic stories of how <Hero> kicked your @#$%'s…
Mysterious Figure: *I* have had <him/her> trapped in my Dungeon beneath this Castle the whole time…

All except Xeight and Mysterious Figure: <Hero> IS IN YOUR DUNGEON!?

Mysterious Figure: Yes… in fact, I checked on <him/her> just an hour ago.
Mysterious Figure: Right before we began our meeting…

«Scene fades»


«Scene: the Hero sits on a bench in a dungeon»

Mysterious Figure: Are you having a nice stay?

Hero: Let's just say I am only giving this place 1 star on Trip Advisor.

Mysterious Figure: *sniffs twice* Hmm, maybe we should have put a potty in here.

Hero: It is not like RPG characters ever actually go to the bathroom anyway.

Mysterious Figure: I always felt they should add a "bladder meter."

Hero: Instead, how about you tell me that you are going to kill me and then divulge your entire evil secret plan.
Hero: Then, leave a minion in charge of some slow moving death device as you laugh evily and walk off.

Mysterious Figure: No.
Mysterious Figure: I think I really will just add a bladder meter.

«A bladder meter appears on the top of the screen»


Mysterious Figure: I really do love our little chats, <Hero>.
Mysterious Figure: …but I have special guests coming for a *dark smile* meeting upstairs.

Hero: !!!
Hero: Then… you found them.

Mysterious Figure: Yes.
Mysterious Figure: I cannot wait to hear what they have to say about you.
Mysterious Figure: Well then… Skudly!

Skudly: Yah, ma'lard!

Mysterious Figure: Make sure <Hero> stays put, and stays nice and clean.
Mysterious Figure: CLEAN, SKUDLY!
Mysterious Figure: We would not want to ruin our "main event" at the end of the meeting.

Skudly: Yah, ma'lard!

«Scene fades»

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