The Guardian Wakes


«The earth starts shaking as the symbols activate and the Guardian's mouth opens, then Aven climbs the Guardian»

Aven: At last, the Guardian reveals the path to the Celestial Horn of Balance!
Aven: Every moment the Hron is away from the World Tree, Brightoak teeters on destruction.

Hero: Let's not be too hasty, who knows what else we may have activated?

Aven: I've done my waiting. YEARS of it!
Aven: Ever since I lost Nevanna-the old Nevanna…
Aven: I have made it my purpose to keep the people of Brightoak safe.

Hero: And you have. Ravinos and the people of Brightoak are forever in your debt.

Aven: No other could ever replace the team we were. Nevanna and I - we were unstoppable.
Aven: Let's end this now before the she-demon can cause any more pain.

«Aven enters the Guardian's mouth and hangs by a vien»

Hero: WAIT!

Aven: The Horn! I CAN SEE IT!
Aven: I can almost reach it.
Aven: Something's got my leg - <Hero>, HELP!

Hero: I'm on my way!

«Hero enters the Guardian's mouth»

Aven: I can't break free.

Hero: Almost there -
Hero: AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaahhhhh!
Hero: AVEN!

«Aven falls down to his doom, Hero gasps and Nevanna gets the horn»

Nevanna: A pity he died so quickly. I expected Brightoak's best defender to put up a better fight.

Hero: YOU - How could you? You were partners!

Nevanna: Were being the key wod. I joined the winning side. He stayed and played with his pretty flowers.

Hero: I won't let you escape. Aven's life is worth a bouquet of yours.

Nevanna: I'm afraid as long as this Celestial Horn is under my control, I can force nature to my will. Even the Guardian is powerless to resist my orders.
Nevanna: With one song I crushed Elfhame into ruins. Together, the Horn and I can wreak havoc on whatever environment we please.
Nevanna: The Queen's poison has already taken root in the World Tree. Soon its very core will be tainted and there is nothing Ravinos can do about it.

Hero: You are wrong, Brightoak will never falter in its fight!

Nevanna: With the World Tree out of the way, Lore will wither and DIE.
Nevanna: After my work is complete, the Queen of Monsters will almost wish for a worthy opponent to her plans.
Nevanna: Next time we meet, be prepared to kneel!
Nevanna: Green man! It's time I take my leave.

«Nevanna activates the Horn, getting Aven out of the way, and summons the Guardian Spirit to attack the Hero, then leaves»

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