The Great Escape


«Scene opens with the hero trying to open the cage door. Finally, breaking off the handle, the cage opens. Followed by the hero unlocking the Cage holding Twilly, he jumps and hugs the hero. The hero then takes a broom and sweeps away part of the circle holding Cysero. Lastly, the hero strikes the cuffs holding Warlic.»

Golden Knight: Wow, Gravelyn and her undead really came to rescue the good heroes!

Golden Caster: M…Maybe, the Great Truce between Good and Evil is real!

Lionfang: NO! This is all just a trick meant to lure us into a false sense of security.
Lionfang: Evil cannot be trusted!

«Lionfang lashes his whip, unbinding the Golden Knight and Caster.»

Lionfang: What are you waiting for?! Attack! Finish Gravelyn and her filthy undead hero off!

Golden Knight: No, Archlord. You were wrong about the Great Truce.

Golden Caster: That undead hero didn't even kill us! We were just knocked out and tied up!
Golden Caster: We can see that these people are all working together to defeat Chaos. We should turn over the DarkBlood Scroll and help.

Golden Knight: Hero, we are with you!

Gravelyn: I'm glad that you have seen the light…. or darkness in this case.
Gravelyn: You are all welcome to join King Alteon's army or mine, as you wish.

Hero: As for you, Archlord Maximilian Lionfang…
Hero: …you will be taken to Swordhaven and tried for crimes against the King and the Great Truce!
Hero: You're finished!

Lionfang: You DARE come into MY tower and corrupt MY soldiers with your lies?!
Lionfang: I will SHOW YOU the fate that awaits all EVIL!

«Lionfang attempts to run, lashing his whip at the chaotic sick King Alteon, whom retaliates and withdraws the whip from Lionfang.»

King Alteon: I'm disappointed in you, Maximilian.
King Alteon: This truce really is the only hope that Lore has against the forces of Chaos.
King Alteon: I wish you could see that as clearly as your soldiers can now.
King Alteon: This brave hero has shown us true courage time and time again… But no one person can defeat Drakath alone, even IF this Darkblood weapon exists.
King Alteon: The battle ahead of us will only get more difficult.
King Alteon: We could really use a mighty warrior like you with us. Please… join us.

Lionfang: NO! I will NOT be taken in! I will never bend! Good is the only way!
Lionfang: … And I would face ANY fate before I would join forces with EVIL!

«Lionfang runs, smashes through the wall and dives into his fog.»

Artix: Could he have survived a fall like that?

Hero: He was very strong and his will was even stronger, and remember…
Hero: I survived that fall down the mountain at the beginning of the game.

Artix: Hmmm. That is true!

King Alteon: <Hero>, once again we find ourselves in your debt.

Gravelyn: You fought bravely. You faced death without fear and you have come out the other side.

Twilly: Thanks for saving us! You deserve three cheers!

Artix: Hip hip Hooray!

All heroes: Hip hip Hooray!

«Scene changes to focus on Lionfang in the Death Fog whilst the Heroes cheer.»

Lionfang: Hmmm. Could I have been wrong about the truce?
Lionfang: Maybe there is room for Good and Evil to work together.

«Xing and Xang appear.»

Xing: No… Good is the ONLY way, Evil must be punished!

Xang: No, nonono! Not punished… DESTROYED! You can't give up now…

«The green fog takes over the screen, Lionfang's eyes and chest plate starts glowing purple. The screen fades to black, and shortly after, the eyes and chest plate fade too, ending the scene.»

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