The Golem War's End / The Golem's War End


«Scene: Junkyard of DF lessson with Lucretia»

Lucretia: ?!

«Camera moves to Vultragon»

Vultragon: Witlessss flipskirt! *screech*

«Vultragon scares Lucretia and Lucretia runs away.»

Vultragon: Sshe cannot accept what Chaos offers without giving sssomething in return!

«Camera moves slightly to the right until Drakonnan appears»

Drakonnan: When you felt the Chaorrption burning in your veins, breaking your chains, did YOU fight it?

Vultragon: Sssshe knew freedom was not all bubbles and smiles. If she wants to live, she must accept pain!

Drakonnan: And that is the part that scared her. She's still confused. She wants her old life, not this twisted shadow.

«Vultragon gets Chaorrupted eyes and Xang appears next to him»

Xang: Everyone wants something.

«Xing appears on the other side»

Xing: But nothing in life is guaranteed.

Xing and Xang: Especially when Chaos is how you've been freed!

Vultragon: Sssshe knowsss what to do. Where<Hero> will be. Her potion shop is being watched. And so is <Hero>.

Drakonnan: Lucretia will do as we planned.

«Screen fades black with Xing and Xang behind»

Xing and Xang: But WE won't!

«Xing and Xang fades out»

«Change to the Span»

Hero: I'm glad THAT is done. You always know that something created by Cysero is going to be quirky…

Tek: But leave you out of any future battles where his magic's combined with Chaos?

Hero: And Iadoa only used a simulation of the Weaponsmith's magic! I don't even want to imagine the REAL thing!

«Warlic (Golem) points to the right»

«Camera moves over to the right»

Ash: Present! *huff* Here! *wheeze*
Ash: Made it on time, didn't I? *coughs* No Chaos tog's gonna get ME!

Warlic: I worry. I have not heard from any of our fellow Golem-teachers.
Warlic: The creatures were created to hone your battle skills. We were made to teach you lore. The things we know could… hurt you.
Warlic: I do not want to believe any of your instructor-golems were swayed by the Chaorruption, but…


Hero: Stay here, all of you. That sounded like Lucretia!

«Hero runs and screen fades and appears with Lucretia at her potion stand»

Lucretia: They - they - want me to… And I said I would - but I still feel the fog in my mind! *wail*
Lucretia: The old life and new lives are crashing, swirling… and now there are purple eyes inside my head!
Lucretia: Watching… waiting until they see -

«Camera moves to hero (Zoomed in)»

Hero: Are you alright?! We heard screaming!

«Lucretia holds a red bottle of potion»

Lucretia: YOU! The eyes and voices in my head are waiting for YOU! Giggling, always giggling!

«Lucretia throws the potion at the hero»

Hero: !!!

«Hero ducks»

«Xang caught the potion»

Xang: Tsk, tsk! *giggle*

Xing: Is that anyway to treat <Hero>?
Xing: You should be nicer to your Hero. Especially when your job is to HELP.

Xang: Shouldn't kill the one trying to save you.

«Hero is shadowed»

Hero: Wait, what? You're Drakath's minions. Why are YOU saving ME?

Xing: We need to talk, Lucretia. You've confused our Hero-friend. Xing will explain what's happening. Promise!

«Xing and Lucretia disappear»

Xang: Hmmph. I wish she'd warn me before leaving so quickly. Show-off! And silly <Hero>. Why wouldn't I save you?
Xang: You have a purpose in life. So do I. So does my Master

Hero: But you're -

«Xing appears»

Xing: I'm back! And a servant of Chaos. Not Evil. We want you to fulfill your destiny as much as this time-torn Chaos Lord does.
Xing: WE just have a different purpose in mind for you!

Xang: Tee hee! You're being tested-

Xing: And there's no cheating THIS exam! Better get the answers right!

Xang: Because OUR Master says failure is NOT an option!

«Change to the span»

Hero: Did you hear what they were saying? Drakath KNOWS -

Warlic: Yes. But there is no time to worry about Lucretia, or the ramblings of Drakath's minions.

Hero: I wouldnn't call what they said "ramblings"! He can't be working with Iadoa!

Warlic: Drakath is not. But my Master wishes to speak with you. That would… not be wise right now.

«Camera moves to Warlic»

Warlic: I have gained a measure of independence myself, but I choose to HELP him teach you.
Warlic: And that means taking you through the next lesson myself. How do you feel about… spaceships?

«Scene fades»

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