The Gift (Cutscene)


«Scene: Hero and Mahou in his house»

Mahou: A gift for me? Thank you, young one. It's good to see there are still some who appreciate their elders.
Mahou: Now, please leave. I am busy, and visitors are a distraction.

Hero: What? But… you're not busy. You're just sitting there drinking tea!

Mahou: And my tea has better manners than my guests. Go on. Out you go.

Hero: Hey, wait! I came here for your help!

Mahou: Did you, now?

Hero: The ley lines of lore… your Spirit Roads… are in danger. Shadow Lord Malgor and his army are coming here to take control of them.

Mahou: That is not for you to worry about. Our ancestral guardians will take care of it.
Mahou: …it IS their job, after all.

Hero: I, uh, think you're underestimating the threat here.
Hero: We need to warn them. They're going to have to be ready to defend the Spirit Road nexus when Malgor arrives.

Mahou: There is always a threat, hero. When you have lived as long as I have, you will understand the truth of that.

Hero: That doesn't mean we shouldn't care.
Hero: Please. If you won't help, then at least tell me where I can find the ley line nexus.

Mahou: The Spirit Roads move, and so does their nexus. You won't find it on your own.
Mahou: Come closer to the light of my lantem. Let me see you.

«Mahou lifts up his lantern»


Mahou: Still so much hope in you. It hasn't even started to fade yet, has it?
Mahou: Are you as strong as you are brave, I wonder?

«Scene fades»

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