The Future Awaits


«Gravelyn jumps down from her throne down to the bottom of the steps.»
«Screen moves to Gravelyn in front of Hero.»

Gravelyn: Let me tell you something, <Hero>. All my life, I've lived in my Father's shadow.

«Screen flashes red.»
«Then screen comes back up to Gravelyn destroying one of her undead minions.»

Gravelyn: Learned his tricks, watched as undead leapt to obey his commands. Watched and learned.

«Screen moves to Gravelyn in front of Hero again.»

Gravelyn: Chaos CANNOT be overcome without a strong ruler. And it appears that ruler will have to be me.

Gravelyn: Wait here, <Hero>. There are plans I must share with you, but first…

«Gravelyn moves out then screen fades.»

From the throne room, you hear a scream, something heavy hitting the floor, then laughter.

«Screen moves to Gravelyn then goes up to her face.»
«Screen moves out a little to show Gravelyn in front of Hero.»

Gravelyn: Let them all come at me! They think I am weak, and I'll let them.

«Screen zooms in on Gravelyn's face again.»

Gravelyn: Any who get close will be struck down before they can come within arm's reach.
Gravelyn: They will lose, and we will win… Chaos must be destroyed so that Shadowfall can rise again!

«Screen fades.»

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