The Frozen Claymore


«Scene: The Hero holds the Frozen Claymore in the air after defeating Izotz, its guardian.»

Izotz: The Claymore… doesn't belong in the hands of mortals.
Izotz: Its power is… too great.

Hero: Without it, we have no chance at stopping Akriloth.
Hero: I can't let any more people die.

«Scene changes to Demento's camp in the North Mountain, where Demento, Galanoth, and the Hero convene.»

Demento: The Frozen Claymore!! You found it!

Hero: Was there ever any doubt?

Galanoth: Akriloth is still in Ashenvale. We must go, now, and strike him down!
Galanoth: That beast has drawn its last, fiery breath!

«Scene fades.»

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