The Forgotten Tombs


«Hero, J6 and Laken in Paladin Fortress»

«J6 shoots a mob (one with metal like a horns?)»

J6: That is the fourth one today. They appear intent on exterminating you.

Hero: *whsitles*

Laken: You deserve a raise. You'll get one.
Laken: Now. <Hero>. You rooted out the spies infecting my organization.
Laken: I cannot thank you enough for that! But our work is not done.
Laken: Ther is an item you must recover, to my mind THE most important object in the world.
**Laken:* With it, Dage could rule both the underworld AND our own!

Hero: Point me in the right direction! I love a good treasure hunt.

Laken: You'll need to locate The Forgotten Tomb.

Hero: But you don't remember where it's located, right? Right?

Laken: Incorrect. I know EXACTLY where it lies. And it's heavily guarded.
Laken: Dage does not want ANTONE not loyal to the Legion entering it. Are you up for the challenge?

«Hero then gets to choose between: Good: Absolutely! Dage must not grow more powerful! Evil: Of course! *thinks* And I'll deliver it to Dage, you TRAITOR! Chaos: What happens if I use the frag - nevermind. However they all lead to the same direct outcome»

Laken: Excellent. Then you'd best begin. The journey is long and dangerous.

«Change scene, Dage and Envy in the Underworld»

Dage: Ah, my new most loyal general. Envy… I have a task for you.
Dage: The Dark Shard is in danger.

Envy: *gasp* But isn't that -

Dage: Yes, exactly. The fragment of my soul, trapped, untouchable. For now.
Dage: Brutus and Vincenzo are watching over it, but Laken has sent his Paladins to retrieve it.
Dage: <Hero> is with him.

Envy: That <Hero's Class>? Do you trust him? After all he's done…

Dage: I trust YOU, Envy, to take care of this. For good.

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