The Fool


«Scene: Suki and Darkon's outline spin hugging in a White Screen»

???: It is not uncommon for the kin of the First King to be sacrificed.

«Shadowy figure appears on top»

???: In fact, they're the most likely to go first.
???: The first to be offered to me.

«Camera moves out and reveals the entire figure, colored»

???: But never have I had the pleasure of a King being sacrificed in my name!
???: I wonder if Judgement would find this unjust. Surely, the Empress writhed at this turn of events.
???: Oh but such things were not meant for my eyes.

Darkon: I am not a King, and I have never touched the throne.
Darkon: Leave us alone.

???: To languish in my Garden of Genesis?
???: That would be a waste! Your presence and anguish presents a unique opportunity.
The Fool: One that I, the Fool, the representation of the endless possibilities at the beginning of a journey—
The Fool: -was forbidden to know.
The Fool: If alprecha's chosen Ruler successfully makes it past Judgement's sentencing and summons us 22 Primordials-
The Fool: -they will have the power of the World. To reshape reality from the point where the cycle started.
The Fool: What if that power were yours?

«Camera foucses on Suki and Darkon»

Darkon: There would be no point. The ritual wouldn't let me bring Suki back.

The Fool: I see. The current Ruler botched his ritual. Your darling perished before she was properly sacrificed.
The Fool: The devastating effects of love are one of the many privileges beyond my reach.
The Fool: I only understand longing.
The Fool: Such a pity you and I are. I had a deal prepared but I won't be pushy.

Darkon: What does this deal entail?

«Suki and Darkon gets brought up near The Fool»

The Fool: I see it in you, the potential to begin a new journey. One that starts at a crossroad.
The Fool: You're on the brink of disappearing.
The Fool: If you wish for rest, you may allow your lifeforce to be absorbed into the summoning cycle.
The Fool: For, the full cycle requires each of the 22 Arcana Primordials to do so.
The Fool: Should Drago find a way to summon us all, the cycle's sacrifices will be used as energy to reshape reality.
The Fool: Or, you can defy the cycle. I give you a new body to house your soul,
The Fool: You may take it wherever you wish.

Darkon: There must be a price. Tell me what it is. I'll pay it.

«Scene: Dark Screen»

The Fool: It is a price we both pay, but I don't see it like that.

«Darkon appears»

The Fool: I give you my flesh, and my eyes.

Darkon: Eye for an eye…

«Camera focuses on The Fool»>

The Fool: In return, allow me to witness your story.
The Fool: A story fraught with despair, longing, love, hatred, regret-

«The Fool disappears from view»

The Fool: I desire them over being empty. If you can only offer pain, I'll greedily accept.

«Camera focuses on Darkon holding up Suki»

The Fool: Remember? I am the beginning of all journeys. I am not afforded the right to see stories to their fruition.
The Fool: I'm always present, everywhere but nowhere, never destined to taste the voyage myself.

«Suki glows»

The Fool: My power surges through your body. I want to see if you'll learn to control it, or let it destroy you.
The Fool: Allow me the privilege of experiencing all of it. Your journey at its heights, its pitfalls, and sweet or bitter—

«Suki disappears and a polearm appears on Darkon's hands»

The Fool: -its final end.

Darkon: Aurola and the others are waiting on us.
Darkon: We'll go together, Suki. I won't ever leave you again.

«Zoom in on Darkon's hand»

Darkon: One way or another, we'll make things right.

«Scene fades»

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