The First to Fall


Before the Storm…

«Flame lights up and gets bigger. Change of scene: Queen of Monsters in her throne»

???: What ARE you? And where am I?

Queen Of Monsters: The better question to ask is, "who are YOU? And what will you become, if your path does not change?"
Queen of Monsters: Look at yourself, my little hothead. You are skilled, yes, but… weaker than you should be.
Queen of Monsters: Held back by those who do not see the greatness burning within you. But I… do.

«Queen of Monsters points at air next to her and a mirror appears, through it Tyndarius, in ragged armour and fire background»

Tyndarius: Flattery and flowery words mean nothing to me. Explain yourself.
Tyndarius: What IS this place?

Queen of Monsters: Such forceful words from one so insubstantial.
Queen of Monsters: Look around you, poppet, and take care how you speak to me…
Queen of Monsters: Or you may never wake up.

«Queen of Monsters points at mirror and it disappears»

Tyndarius: Then I'm asleep, and you've conscripted my dreams for some unknown purpose.

Queen of Monsters: Very good. A fast, thorough assessment.. Your dreams are not all I intend to invade.

«Scene changes to Embersea Isle, at the left Queen of Monsters translucent and at the right Tyndarius translucent»

You are a soldier. You follow orders, enforce others' rules. Such as waste.

«Scene changes to Tyndarius directing his army»

With my help, you could be greater than you know. A general. Warlord of a nation.

«Scene changes to people fleeing from Embersea Isle»

Control of your magic, your blade, and your destiny. THAT is what I offer.

«Scene changes back to Queen of Monster in her throneroom with Tyndarius»

Tyndarius: I will bow to no one.

Queen of Monsters: I would not ask you to. But I DO require proof of your allegiance.
Queen of Monsters: We can help each other, you and I.

«Queen of Monsters points at air near Tyndarius and a parchment appears with "Firestorm Onslaught" on it and a quill»

Queen of Monsters: Sign it, and absolute power will be yours.
Queen of Monsters: THose who wish to join with you will gain a portion of your strength - enhanced by mine.
Queen of Monsters: And in return, their power - their actions - their lives will belong to ou. Entirely.

Tyndarius: it is an enticing offer. But everything has a price. What. Is. Yours?

«Scene changes to Tyndarius waking up in a tent»

Tyndarius: Shuri's sword! A dream… just a dream. Pity.

«Tyndarius wakes up and finds the parchment with the quill. Scene changes to some monster's eye»

Until I am free, all I ask for in return is one… small… favor.

«Scene fades»

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