The First Judgement


«Scene: A huge portal appears above the Astravia's Castle, and scene cuts to Darkon holding Drago on the ground»

Drago: This beast is a sham! You may have sacrificed those creatures of yours, but you aren't King. I am!
Drago: It's impossible for you to have performed the ritual.

Darkon: I didn't have to. And good thing I opted for a different method.
Darkon: Primordials summoned by the ritual are called into the amalgamated bodies of the sacrifices.
Darkon: They'd only contain a fragment of the original Primordials true power.
Darkon: It's a cheap and easy way to kill mortals. They're not meant to go head to head with <Hero>.

Hero: You're telling me those things could have been worse?

Darkon: You'll see for yourself.
Darkon: Yes, the true power of a Primordial in its original body ripped directly from its home dimension by force.
Darkon: Mere mortal sacrifices won't cut it.
Darkon: But, when the creatures wear the skins of the Astravians, they become qualified to be sacrifices.
Darkon: The burst of energy from the burning of the creatures' life forces made it possible.
Darkon: With that, we were able to tear open the fabric of space.
Darkon: A final anguished death knell — Swan Song is a fitting name, is it not?
Darkon: Granted we did go through a couple villages testing it until Eridani.
Darkon: Which is to say, you're looking pale <Hero>.

Hero: Ugh…

«Close up on the Hero»

Hero: It's even worse than before.

Drago: You're a dragon! The Dragon of Time, no less!
Drago: Turn back the clock and erase Darkon from my mother's womb!
Drago: Or at least turn into an actual dragon and gobble him up!

Darkon: Give her a break, Drago. She isn't a broken toy for you to abuse.
Darkon: Besides, Judgement's rift is seeping into their home. Time flows unnaturally and likewise, <Hero> will be weakened the longer she is here.
Darkon: But she doesn't have to be.
Darkon: <Hero>, Drago has done terrible injustices and deserves his punishment.
Darkon: Go and rest. You've done very well. I will be righting what was wronged in your place.

Drago: What exactly does that entail?

Darkon: Judging you and your subjects for your sins.

Drago: Well isn't that interesting, <Hero>?

Hero: What did any of the civilians have to do with this?

«Close up on Drago»

Drago: Oh, you don't need to waste time listening to his drivel. That thing up there is going to toot its horn any time now.
Drago: Go on, evacuate the remaining citizens of my Kingdom. Take them as far as away from Judgement as possible.
Drago: You have your orders.

Hero: I'm not doing this for you.

«Close up on Darkon and Drago»

Drago: You're not going after her. Heh, I've always wanted to see you bitter and spiteful like this.
Drago: So this is your Judgement in the flesh. The full price for its arrival is the summoner's life.
Drago: That's why no ruler has ever reached The World.
Drago: But something tells me you aren't worried.

Darkon: You're the one who kickstarted the summoning cycle, by calling The Fool.
Darkon: You will pay the toll, and I will see the cycle to its end.

Drago: How dastardly.
Drago: Then, will you enjoy watching me die?

Darkon: Of course not. We're brothers and I love you very much.
Darkon: In fact, you won't be gone for very long.

Drago: You mean you're going to…
Drago: Haha! We ended up being exactly alike.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Huge skeletal hands appear from the portal to toot the horn»
«Scene switches back to Darkon and Drago, Drago has turned into a blood orb, and floats into the sky»

Darkon: No.
Darkon: We're as distant as we've ever been.

«Scene fades»

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