The First Champion


«Scene: Hero runs through the portal on Screen 11 of Queen's Battle and meets Iadoa»

Iadoa: Well done, <Hero>. I can only imagine the horrors you have to face each time you enter the Plane.
Iadoa: What matters is that we are here. The Queen should be just up ahead.

Hero: The Queen said we would have one more obstacle to beat before we faced her.
Hero: I wonder what it is?

«Close up on Iadoa looking behind himself»

Iadoa: I think we are about to find out…

«Scene: Hero and Iadoa meet the First Champion»

Hero: Whoa! What are you?!

Queen's Champion: I am the first of my kind.
Queen's Champion: A perfect creation of my Queen.
Queen's Champion: She has blessed me with ultimate power, making me one of her Children.
Queen's Champion: I am my Queen's Champion.
Queen's Champion: The Champion of Chaos!

«Queen's Champion gets covered in chaotic glow»

Queen's Champion: And I will see my Siblings avenged!

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