The Firmament


«Scene: Abel, Fiamme, Galanoth, Hero, and Jinx»

Hero: Thanks for the save, Abel. You too, Jinx. Without you guys, we would have been toast!

Abel: Don't thank us! Thank *them*!

Hero: Them? Wait, where are we?!

«Screen zooms out»

Fiamme: We are in the Firmament…
Fiamme: My brothers and sisters, thank you for saving us.

Khazri: Look at you, Fiamme! How could this have happened?!

Haeos: This is our fault. We have remained idle for too long.

Kyanos: And who was it that suggested we do so?

Hero: Wait, are you guys the--

Galanoth: The Avatars…

Fiamme: That is correct. And you are standing within our council. The Firmament.

Hero: Wait a second! Is that Lore down there!? Are we in space?!

Jinx: Don't look at me! I'm just as shocked as you are!
Jinx: One minute, I'm in Yulgar's Inn enjoying some milk, the next, Ice Boy over there is dragging me to this place!
Jinx: Then, these giant floating people have me make a portal to the Fire Plane, and here we are!

Voidstar: Silence!

Celeritas: The Fire Plane has been compromised and its Avatar usurped. We don't have time for such palaver.

Neso: Usurped by Tyndarius, nonetheless. How I despise that man…

Khazri: I think the feeling is mutual, Neso. You did intervene with mortal affairs and ruined his life in the process.

Neso: And what was I supposed to do? Allow him to free and Elemental Titan? Fiamme's Titan, I might add.

Kyanos: Now it is your turn to be silent!

Voidstar: Kyanos is right, we must stop Tyndarius and us arguing is not going to achieve that.

Hero: And how *do* we stop Tyndarius? And Malgor?
Hero: You don't know?!

Celeritas: We know the key to stopping Tyndarius is through Malgor. He is the only thing keeping Tyndarius alive right now.

Neso: His human body would not be able to withstand the sheer power an Avatar holds.
Neso: Malgor must have something that is preventing Tyndarius from being killed. We find that, and we can stop them both.

Tremblor: It doesn't seem like we have much time…
Tremblor: Tyndarius's armies march on Lore as we speak!

Galanoth: What?!

Tremblor: What do we do?

Haeos: We fight back!


Haeos: I think I speak for all my brothers and sisters, that I am tired of sitting by, watching as the world we have worked so hard to build gets destroyed!
Haeos: I will no longer restrain myself! Neither should any of you!

Kyanos: I agree!

(Everyone): As do I!

Haeos: We shall not stand inactive for any longer while one of our own is attacked! We shall strike them down at their source!

Kyanos: Rise our Elementals! Deploy them to Lore! And we shall show our people that WE ARE HERE!

Celeritas: Heroes, we will need our help as well. We will send you down and lead our counterattack.
Celeritas: While you handle Tyndarius's forces, we will uncover what trick Malgor is using and find a way to retrieve Fiamme's powers.

Hero: On it!
Galanoth: On it!

Voidstar: Together, we shall take back our planet! And then, the Fire Plane!

«Scene fades»

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