The Final Orb


«Scene: Kimberly, Hero, Khasaanda, Pony Gary Yellow and Naga Baas facing against Quetzal»

Hero: So… That doesn't seem to be working. Anyone have ideas on how we can beat this thing?!

«Close up on the Heroes»

Kimberly: Yeah, things aren't looking too great…

Khasaanda: We mustn't give up hope now! I have seen victory in our future! All is not lost!

«Hero takes a battle stance»

Hero: Then let's keep hitting this thing!

«Pony Gary Yellow shoots fire at Quetzal»

Hero: I think we just need more firepower!

Iadoa: That can be arranged.

«Iadoa and the Heroes of Balance appear from a portal»

Iadoa: Heroes of Balance!!!
Iadoa: Attack!!!

«Vath and Alteon attack Quetzal on their dragons»
«Quetzal gets covered in black flames»

Hero: Was that enough?

«Quetzal arises from inside the dark flames»

Hero: Oh, come on!!!

«Quetzal prepares to shoot a beam at the Heroes»

Escherion: Everyone! Behind me!

«Close up on Escherion and the Heroes»

Escherion: I'll need the help of the Elemental Orbs for this one!

«Escherion glows up along with the Elemental Orbs, which start powering Escherion up»

Escherion: Here goes nothing!

«Escherion shoots a beam at Quetzal right as Quetzal shoots its beam towards the Heroes»
«Explosion covers the scene and as it fades, Quetzal can be seen inside thick ice»

«Kimberly holding The Ice Orb»

Kimberly: Gotcha!

Kitsune: Yeah!
Lionfang: Woo!

«Hero turns to Escherion»

Hero: Escherion! That was amazing! What did you do?

Escherion: Just a bit of Inversion Magic. I figured if our power wasn't enough to beat Quetzal, maybe his own magic was.

Hero: Oh! You know what? I probably could have guessed that…

Escherion: Why do you say that?

Hero: Well, in the future, you-

Iadoa: That's enough of that!
Iadoa: What matters is, we have all 8 Elemental Orbs.
Iadoa: With them, we have all the pieces we need to put a stop to the Queen of Monsters
Iadoa: Now, let us march on her fortress and-

Kimberly: Whoawhoawhoa! Hold up, Iadoa!
Kimberly: I know you aren't about to leave this giant snake popsicle in the middle of Mythsong! What if the Queen just thaws him out?!

Iadoa: You're right. Let me fix that.

«Iadoa picks up the giant snake in ice with his powers»

Hero: Wait! Iadoa! Are you going to-

«Iadoa throws the giant snake into space»

Iadoa: There! That should keep him out of the Queen's clutches!

Hero: You threw him into outer space, didn't you…?

Iadoa: Yeah, why? Is that a problem?

Hero: Umm, yeah, kinda…

«Scene: Close up on Queen of Monsters sitting in her throne»

Queen of Monsters: So… they collected all eight Orbs.
Queen of Monsters: Finally, things will be interesting.

«Scene fades»

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