The Final Match


«Scene: Battle Coliseum Arena»

«Hero battling Munthor»


«Hero wins the match»

«Scene: Dwarven Champions Guild with the treasure horde»

Hero: So the Micro-Giants actually paid up?

Johnny G: Not exactly. Munthor tried to slip out when nobody was looking but Blixx and Meatball were waiting for him.

Hero: Yeesh. I’d hate to see what the looks like now.

Johnny G: We can’t thank you enough for standing in for Demo. You really saved our butts.
Johnny G: If you ever want to get into the professional fighting business, let me know.
Johnny G: You’ve really got something special, kid.

Hero: I’m not a giant dwarf like you.

Johnny G: After today, you’re an honorary dwarf.

«Scene: Dwarven Champions Guild salute the Hero»

Johnny G: We salute you.

«Scene fades>

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