The Final Judgment


Rhadamanthys: You have proven yourself worthy as a heroic warrior. You have my blessings.

Minos: You are an imperative asset to the Undead Legion. You have my approval.

Aeacus: Your undying commitment to Dage the Evil and his Undead Legion is unsurpassed. You have my permission to pass.

«Hero nods head»

«Hero running to the portal»

Hero: Nothing's happening! Is this a bug?!!?

«Aeacus appears»

Aeacus: Don't you know anything about the Underworld Judicial System?

«Hero hitting the portal»

Hero: Uhhh… Noooo?

Aeacus: Just because you passed our trials doesn't mean the Dark Lord himself will allow to enter his palace.

Hero: WHAT!?!

Aeacus: Dage the Evil has the final call. On everything.
Aeacus: Especially when it comes to dealing with Mortals like YOU.

Hero: SO even after everything that I've done… everything that I've been through… I still don't get to pass?

Aeacus: In time you might.

Hero: I've spent so much time here already!!!

Aeacus: That is the Underworld Judicial System for you.
Aeacus: Now we must send our reports to Dage the Evil himself for review. Which could take another eternity.
Aeacus: Once the Dark Lord himself has reviewed your case, admittance to Dage's Palace might be feasible. Only time will tell.
Aeacus: Court it adjourned.

Hero: But… but…!

Aeacus: Court is ADJOURNED I SAID!

You have reached the end… but is only the beginning!

Once Dage the Evil has reviewed your case, you might be able to gain admittance to Dage's Palace… and discover the dark secrets of the Soul Scorn.

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