The Final Feast


«Scene: Oishii stands by as the Hero fights Catrina in the crypt»

Hero: How… *huff* are you still… *puff* standing?!

Catrina: I won't let you destroy me! The world may have forgotten me, but I won't be sent to oblivion!

«Close up of Hero»

Hero: Oh, for…

«Hero points»

Hero: Look, I don't want to destroy you! I just want you to calm down!

«Scene zooms back out»

Oishii: You'll have to find another way. Her emotions are so strong - her anger is fueling her power.

Catrina: And why shouldn't I be angry?
Catrina: Every year, all of the spirits in Darkovia are surrounded by their loved ones.
Catrina: While I am imprisoned in this tomb, forgotten and alone!

«Close up of Hero»

Hero: …Is that what the problem is?
Hero: You're angry because no one remembers you?

«Close up of Catrina»

Catrina: Of course that's why I'm angry!
Catrina: If no one remembers us, we can no longer "love"! It is all we have!

«Screen zooms back out»

Hero: Oh. Well… I'll remember you, then.

«Question marks appear over Catrina's head»

Catrina: What?

Hero: I'll remember you!
Hero: I'll come here every year, and bring you your favorite meal, and your favorite flowers.
Hero: And you can tell me about yourself, and your family, and your life.

«Close up of Hero»

Hero: I'll bring my friends, and you can tell them, too. And we'll remember you.
Hero: You wont't be lonely or forgotten any more.

«Close up of Catrina»

Catrina: …You won't possibly keep this promise.

Hero: I will. I swear. I'm sorry things have gone so badly for you. But you can move on from it.

Catrina: I… don't know how. It's horrible to be so alone. *sob*

«Screen zooms back out»

Hero: Who says you have to be?
Hero: There's an entire graveyard out there full of people who want to celebrate. And you can join them…
Hero: …once you stop infecting the other spirits with all this anger and bitterness.
Hero: What do you say? Are you willing to try?

«Close up of Catrina covering her face with her hands»

«Catrina removes her hands from her face and nods»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Oishii and the Hero in the graveyard outside the crypt, with the two villagers from before in the background»

Oishii: *whew* That was quite the night, wasn't it?

Hero: Tell me about it. Who knew something as simple as remembering could be so powerful?

Oishii: Don't forget - now you have a promise to keep.

Hero: And I intend to. Dying is something we can't avoid…
Hero: But that doesn't mean we have to be forgotten.

Oishii: Good thing you have such a good memory!

«Scene fades»

«Screen pans over the Catrina's statue outside the crypt. She is no longer unhappy - now, she is smiling in joy.»

«Scene fades»

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