The Final Fear


Hero: This isn't working! They just keep coming!

Cysero: My time to shine has come.

Artix: Oh, hey! I get it!
Artix: Come on, everyone!

Cysero: This will help drive them back!

Hero: I think this might be working!
Hero: Keep playing, everyone!

Aria: I know what it's missing!

Ghost: Wow, you guys! That sounds amazing!
Ghost: It really makes me want to-
Ghost: Man! We have GOT to do that again sometime!

Hero: Yeah!

J6: Congratulations on making it through, everyone.
J6: If a haunted house filled with your worst fears doesn't faze you, I don't know what can.

Hero: It wasn't that hard.
Hero: Everyone has their own fears, but it's easy to overcome them with help from your friends.
Hero: Besides… it wasn't THAT bad. I wasn't scared for a minute!

J6: No, of course not… you wouldn't be.
J6: After all, I never did get a scan of YOU.

Cysero: Say, <Hero>, that's a good point!

Hero: Hey! Quit it!

Cysero: Now, let's see what YOU are scared of!

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