The Final Battle (3)


«Scene: The Hero defeats the Queen's Champion»

Queen's Champion: Impossible…
Queen's Champion: I cannot lose…
Queen's Champion: My Queen, I'm… sorry.

«Queen's Champion falls to the ground»

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Text on Screen»

Queen of Monsters: Rest, my Child. Your mother is here.

«Scene: Queen of Monsters appears from a mist»

Queen of Monsters: So we meet face to face at last, "Hero". And you brought your friends.
Queen of Monsters: Do you think it will be enough to stop me?
Queen of Monsters: Why do the thirteen of you think that you can succeed where armies of hundreds, of thousands, have failed?
Queen of Monsters: Because you have some measly little trinkets?
Queen of Monsters: Ha! You will all die here.
Queen of Monsters: And you, "Hero", will be responsible for their deaths.
Queen of Monsters: I will save you for last. And I will feast on your despair.
Queen of Monsters: So come forward, Heroes of Balance.
Queen of Monsters: Come to your deaths!

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