The Final Battle? (1)


«Hero, on top of defeat Desoloth's head, with the Dragon Priests, Prime Dragons, all bowing to him, Warlic and Galanoth»

Hero: Before you say anything, Wise Ones, your Prime-nesses… Let me explain.
Hero: You wanted Desoloth imprisoned in the Cor Draconis. You hoped for redemption, believed in it.
Hero: The problem is… NONE of you know true Evil. Not like that I recognized in Desoloth.
Hero: Free, he would have slain my friends, your Primes, and you… then me. If he were imprisoned -
Hero: He would have stopped at nothing, biding his time in the Cor Draconis, emerging centuries from now stronger, rage-filled. So -

Hs'Sakar: So you PRESUMED to solve our problem FOR us. Taking away our choices. Puffed up with the knowledge that YOU ALONE knew what was best.

Hero: That's pretty much it, yes.
Hero: I knew Desoloth for what he was, and I slew him in the name of something greater than all of us.
Hero: I fight for a cause, Wise One. Whether or not that cause is your own… LORE matters most. And Desoloth would have destroyed it.

Hs'Sakar: We have one question for you, rash one.
Hs'Sakar: Do you regret taking the life of this dragon? ANY dragon?

«Change scene, Chaos Twins»

Xing: Ooooh, he was RIGHT. That IS a shiny grave.

Xang: Could be shinier.
Xang: If you're happy, we have somewhen to BE. We're late and whoever they are, they won't wait.

Xing: Pffft. We've got plenty of time. But HE is approaching. Let's go!

«They teleport off and Drakath teleports in»

Drakath: Yes… Yes, enough remains. Excellent.
Drakath: An unexpected vehicle for unrest and anarchy in Etherstorm will become a vehicle in truth!

«Drakath makes Etherstorm chaotic, and goes to Desolich's bony remains»

Drakath: Imprisonment would have been a waste of your power. Free, you would have posed something of an annoyance.
Drakath: But like THIS -
Drakath: Chained by my power, animated by Chaos, you're an eminently appropriate symbol of power.
Drakath: Quite a suitable mount as I move closer to my destiny and the prophysy's fulfillment.

Desolich (thinking): Foolish mortal. I AM the Prime Elements. I will serve in silence… for now.

Drakath: Rise… Desolich!

«Drakath raises Desolich»

«Scene fades»

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