The Fell Beast


«Scene: King Alteon stands in Battleoff, his cape waving in the wind»

Though the war is over in the Mirror Realm, darkness still broods in the heart of King Alteon the Imbalanced's realm.
A foul beast known as the Cockatrice, a harbinger of disease and rot, has made its lair deep inside the ruins of its former master's dungeon.
For a while the beast rested, regaining its strength, biding its time…
But recently, it reached out to one of our wisest Loremasters, compelling him to journey here.
He was the guardian of one of the realm's most-prized treasures:
An egg many in the Mirror Realm suspect contain the 13th Beast of Order.
Now, the Loremaster is dead and the Cockatrice waits, hiding in the ruins of the Dark Warlock's dungeon, guarding its prize.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Mirror Drakath opens up a portal and the Hero falls through»

Hero: … OOF! That trip NEVER gets easier. We need Cysero to build some kind of matter duplicator doohickey.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Battleoff»

Hero: I got here as soon as I received your message. What is it?

Mirror Drakath: Hero, I am so glad to see you. You cannot stay long, or the realms will become unbalanced.
Mirror Drakath: However, I believe the situation is dire enough to risk your presence here for a short time.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Cockatrice guards a white and gold egg»

"A foul beast, we call it a Cockatrice, has stolen a VERY special egg…"

«The Cockatrice screeches»

"Our Loremasters have been watching it for decades, waiting for a sign it's ready to hatch."

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Battleoff»

Mirror Drakath: They believe that, once it hatches, it will bear the 13th Beast of Order!

Hero: A Cockatrice? Got it. Sounds like something I can take down, no problem.

«Hero raises their weapon»

Hero: But tell me more about this 13th Beast. Sounds important.

Mirror Drakath: Just like in your world, the 13th Beast is a harbinger of great upheaval and change.
Mirror Drakath: Here, my forces are on the cusp of success…
Mirror Drakath: However, total victory can only be achieved when the 13th Beast is born. And if it is not…

Hero: What - what would happen?

Mirror Drakath: Some things MUST happen, just as some creatures - and people - must be born.
Mirror Drakath: Their existence is foretold; the events surrounding them are fixed points in time.
Mirror Drakath: The 13th Beast is just such a creature; it cannot NOT exist… so if it never comes to be…
Mirror Drakath: We just do not know what would happen. But do you really want to chance it?

Hero: Not even a little. That's a one important egg. Shall we get started?

Mirror Drakath: Isn't that the plan?

«Scene fades»

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