The Family's Back Together


«Scene: Drakath holds up the Inverted Mirror in front of Xiang»

Drakath: It’s working!

«Scene: Close up of Xiang»

Xiang: No! NO! I won’t let you-

«Xiang glows white»


«Xiang is split back into Xing and Xang»
«Scene: Xang stands in front of Drakath»

Xang: I’m… I’m ME again…

Drakath: Welcome back, babe!

«Scene: The Hero, Drakath and Xang stand on the left, with Xing on the right»

Xing: You’ve changed nothing, Drakath! Together or apart, we can still defeat you! We-

Xang: Xing, no. Stop.
Xang: I brought him here. I… I’m going with him.

Xing: You’re leaving me?!
Xing: Xang, you can’t! Look at all we’ve done! All we’ve built! We had such power.

Xang: Yeah… I know. And that was cool, for awhile.
Xang: But it just isn’t FUN anymore.

Xing: No way, Xang. We’ve ALWAYS had fun! We raise HECK together!

Xang: Everything’s gotten so serious now, Xing. All strength and power and taking over the world.
Xang: I can’t do it anymore. I just want to go home.

Xing: Xang… I’m sorry. I didn’t know…
Xing: I’ll make things better. I promise.

«Xang looks back at Drakath and the Hero»

Xang: You could come with us.

«Drakath nods»
«Scene: Close up of Xing, dejected»


«Xing perks up»

Xing: Yeah, I guess.

«Scene: The Hero stands to the side as Drakath holds Xang on his right and Xing on his left»
Drakath: The family’s back together!

Hero: Man, I can already feel this headache coming on.

Drakath: Don’t be dramatic. It’s like I said before…

«Scene: Close up of Drakath. And his 'babes'.»

Drakath: We’re friends now.

«Scene fades»

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